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Our organization specializes on rendering complex services in spheres of design and realization of engineering systems of various types of constructions. The persistence, attention to details and continuous monitoring of the last world achievements by our experts allow to offer you the most actual and profitable schemes of the solution of the most complex challenges.

Our team of experts successfully realizes projects on equipment of production, commercial and civil objects by engineering systems: water supply and water disposal, ventilation, heating, electricity and gas supply, automation, fire safety and others.

The following kinds of activity enter our competence:

  • Design.
  • Coordination of documentation and obtaining permissions at all stages of interaction with the client.
  • Purchase and delivery of technological components.
  • Installation and commissioning by forces of our experts with possibility of involvement of highly specialized subcontractors from among our constant partners.
  • Guarantee, service of communications.

We work with projects of all levels: from reconstruction of engineering networks of residential buildings, before creation of large industrial complexes. Each stage of your project is under strict control of responsible engineers of our organization that excludes disagreements in work of different divisions and an exit out of limits of contractual terms.

Support of each project is carried out by team of the professional engineers and managers ready at any time to provide exhaustive consultation and accompanying documents. All our employees have specialized training and annually attend advanced training courses. You can be sure – only professionals of the business work at object.

Engineering company "ALLIANZ" consists of technological innovations and the advanced equipment. Contact us and receive information on opportunities of modern engineering in the annex to your building.