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 The engineering company "ALLIANZ" specializes on equipment of objects of civil and industrial engineering by hi-tech engineering systems and the equipment for ensuring comfort and health and safety. Close partnership with developers of innovative solutions, and also continuous improvement of the assets which are available at our disposal allows to increase systematically quality of rendering services, conforming to the most actual requirements of the present.  

Our clients receive all necessary complex of decisions from consulting before service in uniform contract organization that provides a number of benefits:

• economy of means due to "package" rendering of services, and also discounts when purchasing materials and the equipment;
• confidence in harmonious action of performers. The company exercises control and synchronization of actions of all participants of process, provides strict following to the terms and technologies specified in respect of work;
• competent documentary registration of process – supervises document flow, obtaining permissions and coordination;
• guarantees of excellent job of engineering systems
• high quality service, guarantee and post warranty maintenance, consultation at all stages of process.

  The engineering company "ALLIANZ" possesses long-term experience of performance of engineering problems of various scale and level of complexity. In particular, our portfolio contains successfully realized projects of engineering systems for objects of industrial, housing, office, trade, exhibition, trade, sports and other complexes in the territory of the Leningrad region, and also in other regions of the Russian Federation.

  Comprehensive study of specifics of objects, the state standards, attentive approach to requirements of the customer, careful selection of the optimum equipment and technologies is the cornerstone of creation of effectively functioning engineering complexes. Our experts carry out design, installation, start in operation and service of all existing engineering systems, provide their harmonious interaction and smooth functioning in any conditions.

• power supply (all types);
• electric lighting (all types);
• power electric equipment;
• lightning protection and grounding (including industrial facilities);
• control complexes over operation of illuminants and electric communications.

• water supply system:
o  economic and drinking water supply system of cold water
o  the economic and drinking water supply system of hot water (giving and circulating)
o  integrated economic and drinking and fire-prevention water supply system
o  the production water supply system of reverse water (giving and the return)
o  a production water supply system of the softened water

• sewerage
o    economic and household sewerage
o    the production sewerage (fat-containing waters, mechanically polluted waters, chemically polluted waters, acidic waters, alkaline waters, the acidic and alkaline waters)
o    rain sewerage
o    drainage sewerage

•    system of the automatic fire alarm system
•    system of fire-prevention automatic equipment of smoke removal
•    the warning system and managements of evacuation of people at the fire
•    internal fire-prevention water supply system
•    automatic installation of water fire extinguishing
•    automatic gas extinguishing installation
•    automatic installation of powder fire extinguishing
•    automatic installation of water fire extinguishing with sprayed water

•    ventilation and conditioning; 
•    heating systems of various configurations;
•    smoke removal.

•   installation of local elements of automatic equipment;
•   installation of complex systems.

•    security alarm system;
•    video surveillance;
•    control and management of access;
•    installation of the on-door speakerphone

•    the structured cable networks;
•    telephony;
•    television and installation of system of radio;
•    installation of system of clocks;
•    sound notification;

 Except listed, realization of an objective can demand performance of a number of specific actions, studying of the advanced technological innovations and materials. We are always ready to search of individual, non-standard decisions, introduction of innovative technologies and their adaptation to requirements of the specific project. In other words, for us there is nothing impossible!

 Order of cooperation 
 Work on creation of engineering systems begins with detailed studying of current state of object, definition of a scope of work. Further design stages, coordination, drawing up budget documentation, directly assembly, commissioning and delivery of object in operation follow. In process corporate requirements of the customer, and also specific features of object, including, connected with architectural and esthetic nuances are without fail considered. 
 This approach allows to create the thought-over, balanced and modern solution of an objective which is completely meeting all expectations of the customer. Only this way, in our opinion, it is possible to construct the future in the present!