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"Construction of the house requires the basis".

 Buildings we see are a bridge between the past and future. The fact our fathers built, is standing today. That we will manage to create today, will become a pride reason for our children and grandsons. We have to protect that we have, introducing own contribution, improving and improving every day for the benefit of the future generations.  

 The engineering company "ALLIANZ" is professionally engaged in design and construction of engineering systems of buildings of civil and industrial function. Each our project is directed on creation of the decisions which are organically combining modern technologies, the prolonged efficiency and the customer's wishes.

 We build here and now, being guided by the future!

 With development of technologies and emergence of innovative materials of the requirement to efficiency of engineering systems increase in a geometrical progression. Up-to-date complexes a priori assume integration of intellectual lighting, an artificial microclimate, automation of work of security and communication systems, means of communication and "clever" equipment.

Experience with traditional technologies and introductions of innovations on objects of various scale and level of complexity allows us to create the individual complex decisions capable to provide comfort greatest possible for today not only in buildings, but also in the adjacent territory. In the sphere of our competence:

• administrative consultation;
• development of conceptual design decisions;
• design;
• integration of complexes and systems at a stage of construction and in the conditions of reconstruction of objects;
• management of construction processes;
• definition, purchase and supply of materials and equipment;
• installation, commissioning;
• guarantee, post warranty maintenance;
• training of the personnel in management of the equipment;
• consulting and expert assessment.

Our company for many years went offering our clients the highest level of services. And today with pride we can tell – we have a necessary experience, knowledge, technical material security and experts for creation of housing complexes with unique infrastructure!

Key to success: symbiosis of traditions and innovations.

 Without use of technological innovations and the advanced equipment it is impossible to create essentially new concept of vital space. However the sprout always appears from a seed. In our case the principles to which our company strictly follows from the date of entry into the market became this seed:
• The principle of Honesty means, that we study a situation in detail and we provide to the customer the developed report.
• The principle of Profitability means, that we constantly are in search of the most effective decisions.
• The principle of Knowledge means, that we have the finger on the pulse of new technologies, and also we pay close attention to training of all categories of employees.
• The principle of Customer focus means, that we consider all requirements and desires of the customer.
• The principle of Good means, that we do the world better with helping needing, assuming responsibility to carry out an objective to the maximum.

 All listed allows us to realize professionally difficult multi-purpose projects, to introduce more and more perfect innovations, including, from the intellectual sphere.

 We understand that a basic task of each construction project is the care of comfort and health of citizens of the Russian Federation. Being guided by this knowledge, we seek to fulfill the assumed liabilities with the maximum return. Effectively to use the knowledge which is available at our disposal and decisions, creating that will become worthy heritage of future generations.